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Gerbing's 12V Products

Gerbing's 7V Products

Any outdoor activity such as skiing, horse riding, walk your dog, cycling or other activities is no fun, when you are cold. The hands will be the first to suffer. For all these people we have heated gloves, powered by 7 volt batteries with a built in temperature controller. Check it out! Recently Gerbing have developed a European patent pending 7 volt Junior Controller, which can be connected to a vehicle. This means that your 7 volt heated gloves now can also be connected to your bike, car or boat.
All of the 7 volt heated gloves come with a kit of lightweight, powerful 7 volt rechargeable lithium batteries which are included that are conveniently stored on zippered pockets on the cuff of the gloves.

A transparent window gives you access to the power level settings button allowing you to select your own personal level of thermal comfort on every set of heated gloves you are going to use. The highest level will provide an intense heat output for a minimum of two hours and the lowest setting up til 10 hours of heat. After your hands warm up, turn down the power setting and enjoy the soothing warmth all day.

If you intend to use our heated gloves on high speed or high altitude check out our red 12 volt section of heated gloves. Connected to a vehicles battery, the 12 volt heated gloves will get much warmer than our 7 volt heated gloves connected to the 7 volt batteries which are included. The heated gloves in the 12 volt heated gloves section also have more protection if you use our heated gloves on a motorcycle.

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