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Gerbing's 12V Products

Gerbing's 7V Products

For all our 7 volt products we have developed one battery. This is our B7V-2500 battery. This battery has a built in temperature controller with four temperature settings. The lower you set the temperature the longer the battery will last. With one charge you can use the battery for about 2.5 till 8 hours.

All our 7 volt heated gloves, 7 volt heated jacket and 7 volt heated socks have a battery kit included. A kit contains  two batteries and one dual charger. Our 7 volt heated specialty products like the heated seat cushion, heated back wrap (kidney belt) and the heated handwarmer only have one battery and a charger included. The batteries can be recharged hundreds of times. To increase the life of the batteries you need to charge the batteries ones a month in the period when they are not in use.

The 7 volt junior controller is our newest product. This controller has been developed to use our 7 volt gloves and 7 volt socks with a 12 volt battery of a vehicle. If you connect the 7 volt junior controller to a 12 volt battery cable than the controller will convert 12 volt into 7 volt. This way you will not have to use the portable batteries (B7V-2500). The 7 volt junior controller looks and works the same as our 12 volt junior controller. The controller also has four temperature settings.

NOTE! The 7 volt junior controller can only be used on 7 volt heated gloves and 7 volt heated socks. It is not possible to connect 12 volt gloves and 12 volt socks on the 7 volt junior controller.


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