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Gerbing's 12V Products

Gerbing's 7V Products

If you want to keep your whole body warm than you cannot do without our heated jacket liner. This heated jacket has heated pads all over so you need never need to be cold anymore. Our heated jacket liner contains more than 30 metres of heating wire in 7 different heating areas for full corps heating. This eliminates any cold spots on the upper body. If your torso is warm, the hands and feet will stay warmer too, because when it gets cold, your corps will keep the blood to keep the vital organs warm. The heated jacket is by far the warmest heated product Gerbing has to offer with a maximum heat out put of 77 Watts. It will keep you sweeting in arctic temperatures!

Back again is the heated vest. This is a sleeveless item, so it will fit more easily under your (motorcycle) jacket. The heated vest is the most economical way to keep you warm. With an output of 55 Watts it's guaranteed your vital organs will stay warm.

To to maximise your comfort and warmth we also have heated trouser liners. Those heated pants can easily be connected to the accesory plug of the heated jacket. This means that if the heated trousers are connected through a dual temp controller, one button will regulate the heated gloves and the heated trousers, the other one the heated jacket. On the heated trousers there are plugs for easy connection of the 12 volt heated socks. Yes: Gerbing will keep you warm from neck till toe!.

New in the catalogue is the award winning heated sports pants. Those heated pants were developed in cooperation with the Dutch Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF) by Gerbing for the Dutch ahtletes who went to Sotsji 2014. A ground breaking technology, since the Microwire® heating technology is laminiated between the fabric. This Dutch patent pending technology will also be used in later models of the heated jacket and the heated pants. 

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