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Gerbing has a wide range of batteries so that every product can be used autonomeously with a 12 volt battery. For the 12 volt heated clothing range we have especially developed the most powerfull battery possible. The B12V-5200 and the B12V-8000 which has a stunning 8 Amps of power inside to keep your heated clothing warm for hours and hours.

The B12V-5200 and the B12V-8000 are relatively bigger batteries and are optional batteries to power your heated garment. The 5200 and the 8000 battery comes with a handy belt which you can put around your waist so you can store the battery. The B12V-1400KIT is especially designed to use for the hybrid heated gloves in the 12 volt heated gloves section.  The B12V-1400 can be stored in a designated pocket in the cuff of the longer gloves like the XR-12 heated gloves and the T-12 heated gloves. On the highest setting they will give the heated gloves power for about 1 hour, and on the lowest setting up till 3 hours.

The B12V-5200 and the B12V-8000 are designed to extend the heat output on the heated gloves or heated socks, but also can they power a heated jacket. Note that the 12 volt heated jacket liner is designed for motorcycle use, so will give an enormeous heat output when not riding in cold temperatures or high speed. That also means that the 6,5 Amps drawing heated jacket will be empty in 45-50 minutes when connected to a B12V-5200 which has 5,2 Amps. With the 8 Amps battery it will give you aproximaly 75 minutes on full heat. On the lowest setting up till 3 hours. Both the 5200 and the 8000 have a remote controle included so you can adjust the temperature with a simple push on the button.

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