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Gerbing's 12V Products

Gerbing's 7V Products

All of our our products are supplied with everything you need so that you are ‘good to go’. However we can also supply you with extra items to tailor your exact needs. Gerbing has 8 different accessories in the 12 volt section which can be connected to a vehicles battery or the 12 volt heated clothing.

  • Battery cable: This is a plug which is meant to be connected to a 12 volt vehicle battery. This plug comes with every single 12 volt heated product you buy. All of our 12 volt heated gloves, the heated jacket, the heated pants (except the heated sport pants) and the heated socks have a battery hook-up free of charge.
  • Accesory plug: This is a plug which can be connected to the accesory outlet of a vehicle. On the BMW or Triump it will be the small one: just take of the red dot at the top. If you want to use it in the car, leave the red dot on top and it will fit the accesory outlet of the car
  • Coil Cord extension cable: This will give you extra length for example for the passenger to get to the battery cable. Extended it can be 100 cm/ 1 meter.
  • 50 cm extension cable: Just a static 50 cm long extension cable
  • Splitter: This y-splitter can connect the heated gloves to the heated socks, so you only have to keep one battery cable as an output.
  • Long y-cable: this one comes with every pair of heated socks you buy. You also need this if you want to connect our heated gloves to one of our 12 volt portable batteries.
  • Panel mount KIT: This kit will give your bike a nice looking accessory outlet with the Gerbing plug. Contains the coil cord extension cable and the battery cable together with the panel mount port
  • Panel mount port: If you already have the extension cable and the battery hook-up, the panel mount port is the single thing you need to make a 12 volt Gerbing accesory outlet.

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