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Gerbing's 12V Products

Gerbing's 7V Products


Gerbing are leaders in electric heated clothing. Our collection includes; heated gloves, heated trousers, heated jackets and heated socks. These products increase comfort and safety when suffering from the cold and are available in 12 volt to connect to the battery of a vehicle. For convenience, the 7V heated products are powered by a small powerfull 7 volt Li-po battery so you can use them wherever you are. Gerbing sets the standard in heated clothing and offers a lifetime warranty on their Microwire® heating elements.

Our heated clothing is not only suitable for people who are always cold, especially during the winter, due to poor blood circulation but also for people who suffer from rheumatism or other medical conditions. Currently our main market is:

  • Motorcyclists.
  • Snow sports market.
  • Fishing sports market.
  • Cyclists.
  • Ramblers.
  • Golfers.
  • Raynaud's sufferers.
  • Alpinists.
  • Horse riding.

Children categories

12V heated products

Gerbing provides a wide assortment of 12V heated products. These include the hybrid heated motorcycle glove especially designed for touring (T-12), Hybrid heated motorcycle gloves with extra knuckle...

7V heated products

For any outdoor activity, we have our 7 volt collection in the yellow category when you don't want to be connected to a vehicles battery like all the products in the red 12 volt category. We have 7...

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Gerbing's Heated Clothing B.V.
Graaf van Lijndenlaan 3
7316 EG Apeldoorn
Tel: 0555 788 788
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 555 788 788


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