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The new XRS-12 heated gloves


XRS-12 Heated Gloves have arrived!

We at Gerbing listen carefully to our customers. So when customers told us that the gauntlet of the multiple award winning XR-12 heated gloves were a little bit bulky and long, the question came up if we could make a shorter fitting glove which fits under the motorcycle jacket when it rains. The result came out and from season 2015-2016 Gerbing has a new pair of heated gloves in their collection. The XRS-12 heated gloves.

The XRS-12 gloves are made from 6mm  full analine drum dyed black leather and have a hard knuckle protection made of Thermoplastic polyurethane. All seems have been double stitched for extra safety. The fingers are pre-curved for a comfortable fit to your hands.  The size range of the XRS-12 is from XXS-XXXL. A Hipora waterproof and breathable membrane will keep your hands dry at all wet conditions.

Like all other 12 volt heated gloves from Gerbing, the patented Microwire® heating system, heats the  entire hands till the finger tips. The gloves will become 57 degrees Celsius at 0 degrees environmental temperatures. That means serious heat! The XRS-12 heated gloves will keep you warm whatever mother nature throws at you.

Unlike the T-12 heated gloves and the XR-12 gloves, the XRS-12 gloves doesn't have the possibility to put the B12V-1400 batteries in the cuff of the gloves. The only way to get the XRS-12 gloves working on a portable battery is if you put a normal Y-cable into the B12V-5200B or B12V-8000.  Like all other heated gloves from Gerbing these gloves can be worn by themselves or be connected to the sleeves of the heated jacket. Note that you need a dual temp controller if you want to wear heated gloves and a heated jacket together.

The XRS-12 heated gloves are supplied with battery cable and Junior temperature controller, so you are ready to go!.


Diving to a new world record with heated clothing from Gerbing!

Johan de With from Nunspeet (the Netherlands) has crushed the world record deep diving in cold open water. He dove to 169 meters which is 7.5 meters more than the previous world record. “Lucky for me I was wearing my Gerbing heated waistcoat, heated gloves and heated socks. Most people do not realize that in such dept it is only 4 degrees Celsius cold. If it takes you about three hours to come back up again you can imagine that it is pretty cold. Fortunately I had found a warm partner in Gerbing”.

Johan de With contacted Gerbing after some trial dives. Due to the fact that he had to spend so many hours in the cold water he realized that the cold would be a serious threath to succeed his world record attempt. “Because I am diving in a dry suit I was convinced that I could use some heated products and connect it to a portable battery”.

“After trying on some heated products I decided to use the heated waistcoat, heated glove liners and the heated socks. I connected these items to a powerfull portable battery (B12V-5200 KIT). The big question ofcourse was if the battery could survive in a dept of 165 meter due to the pressure. I was convinced that it was possible”.

The dive went according to plan. With a descent of 12 meters per second he was at 169 meters in just a few minutes. After that it took Johan de With around three hours to get back up again at the surface. “It is great to accomplish such a dept together with Gerbing. It does not matter if you jump from 30 kilometers from a balloon (Felix Baumgartner) or dive to 169 meters: Gerbing will keep you warm at any time and almost everywhere”!

Gerbing at the biggest motorcycle show in the UK

Gerbing is proud to say that again this year our UK team will attend the motorcycle show at the N.E.C. In Birmingham.

More than ever before they will bring new innovative things to the show. “We are extremely proud to tell everybody that we now have a no.1 selling motorcycle jacket with heated jacket liner inside”, says Ian Willson, UK director. “There was a demand for a heated motorcycle jacket, so we worked together with a well known motortcycle jacket manufaturer to design worlds best heated motorcycle jacket”.

Because we at Gerbing understand that improvements come from the feedback of our customers, we are still looking for test riders for this particular heated jacket, to maintain our leading position in the heated clothing industry.

Together with all 12 volt heated gloves, including the new W-12 ladies heated gloves, we also present the collection of 7 volt heated gloves with a unique patented heating system, can be tried on at the show. And don't forget the new 12 volt heated socks.

“We are also very proud that the heated sports pants, which were used by the extremely succesfull Dutch Olympic team in Sochi 2014, will be displayed at the show”. The heated training pants have an unique patent pending heating system. Due to the lamination of the Microwire®  heating system, it gives an infrared heat, what never has been seen in the world.

Ofcourse there is also a possibility to buy heated gloves, our famous heated jacket and other heated clothing at the show. Team Gerbing UK will give you a free t-shirt with our famous ghostrider printed on it! And if you buy a pair of our 12 volt heated gloves, you will get a free nixwax to keep the heated gloves looking as new the whole year.

Visit us at the NEC stand number: 2B05

Paralympic Archers Testing Heated Trousers

That abled athletes can keep their muscles warm with a heated sports pants has been known for a while since Gerbing made electrical heated sports trousers for the very succesfull TeamNL in Sochi 2014. New is that also the paralympic compound and recerve archers are getting support from Gerbing.

“When we are outside on the 70 and 50 meter shooting range, a lot of athletes are freezing” says Pier Elzinga, Dutch coach from the Dutch Archer federation. “We have been looking around for a while, and we ended up at the Dutch Olympic Commitee NOC*NSF. They told us about how Gerbing made a heated sports pants for the excelling Dutch olympic winter team in Sochi”.

“We are happy that we as paralympic recurve and compound archers, can help to develope heated trousers for less abled persons”, says Phillip Bottomley, who ended fourth at the Paralympics in London 2012. “The first improvements have already been made to change the current 12 volt heated pants that Gerbing already has in it's catalogue. Because we are sitting all day, we can't sit on something hard. This can cause enormous injuries, which can take us out of competition for months. The solution made by Gerbing was to change the power lead inside the heated trousers”.

“The first time we felt the heat of the heated trousers powered by a powerfull 12V Lithium battery, we were enormously surprised by the heat output”, says compound archer Ingrid Peijer. “We can't wait to start training outside with the final version of the heated trousers. During the colder months we shoot inside at the 18 meter range, where the actual competition is at the 50 or 70 meter range.You can imagine that if we can train more outside, the chances of winning a medal in Rio 2016 will improve. And in the top sport all details counts, so this might be a winning detail”.

“It's too bad we can't shoot with a pair of heated gloves”, says Pier Elzinga smiling. “But happy we as coaches can use the 7 volt heated vest. This will help us tackle the biggest cold, because if you heat the core, it will increase the blood supply to the end of the body: hands and feet.

The new heated ladies gloves from Gerbing

Gerbing has been known for decades as the kit to keep motorcyclists warm in the most extreme conditions. Long distant Ice riding trips up to the Arctic have been conducted to help develop the warmest heated clothing the world has ever seen.

We are proud that people who also suffer from the cold in other outdoor activities, such as skiing, hunting and fishing are also utilizing our line of heated clothing especially the 7v gloves which, like our 12v gloves, have a Dutch patent on the heating system.

At shows and rallies we got more and more requests for us to develop a pair of ladies heated gloves. Now in the autumn of 2014, with winter approaching fast, we are proud to announce the newest glove in our 12v collection of gloves, the ladies W-12 heated gloves !

These gloves have a sleek design and use pre-curved fingers for fantastic feel and grip. They are made of latest fabrics including the highest possible quality of full-analine cowhide leather. They also have solid knuckle protection to keep you safe in the most extreme conditions on the road. The glove is stylish and the fitting is made especially for the smaller ladies hands.

These heated womans gloves are made with our hybrid heating system. This means like the T-12 heated gloves and the XR-12 heated gloves, the cuff has a special pocket to store the optional B12V-1400 portable batteries. These batteries have 3 heat settings and using these batteries powers the gloves for 1, 2 or 3 hours depending on where you have set the battery power output.

If not using teh optional battery pack you can easily connect your new pair of W-12 ladies gloves by using the battery hook up and junior controller that comes with all Gerbing heated gloves. If you have a Gerbing jacket liner they can be powered by using the plugs which come out of the sleeve of the Gerbing heated jacket liner.

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